What is a Group? Edit

Groups are an easy way to manage who-sees-what. They allow you to create private enclaves within Facebook in which only those invited to the group can see what is posted there. This is convenient for keeping co-workers from seeing your weekend party photos, for example.

Create a group Edit

  1. Login on your computer
  2. On the left side of the page, under "Create", click Group
  3. Name the group
  4. Add people from your friends list
  5. Select the privacy level
    • Groups can be open, closed, or completely hidden

Note: this can be done through the mobile app, as well but instructions are limited to desktop for brevity.

Post to the group Edit

Once the group is created you will find it on the left side of the Facebook main page. Click it to go into it. Once there, make posts, add pictures, etc. -only other members of the group can see.

Personal vs. Private Edit

Groups are a great way for you to keep private content from some people while sharing it with others. However, there are also public groups which are created to bring together like-minded individuals. For example, the "Champlain College Class of 2017" lets those who are graduating in 2017 discuss various topics that interest this group, including graduation ceremony date, sharing pictures, etc.

To find a public group, simply search for it in the search bar at the top of every Facebook page.

Screenshot Edit

The following image is a picture of a group screen. Notice the red box; it highlights the group members; they are the only ones who can see the things on this page.