Privacy is a key issue on Facebook. Because it is so important, the company has designed many features to give great control to its users regarding who-sees-what.

Unfortunately, there are so many options that it can be difficult to understand what your risks are, what your options are, and how to manage them! Fortunately, Facebook recognizes this and provides an area dedicated to helping you understand and manage your privacy.

This list provides links to every privacy explanation and accompanying option. Take a look at each to understand how you can affect your privacy on Facebook.

  • Untagging
    • How to untag yourself from a photo
  • Photos and Videos I'm in
    • Tell Facebook whether it is allowed to automatically recognize you
  • Timeline
    • Manage what others can post on your timeline.
  • Search
    • What do people see when they search for me?
  • News Feed
    • How to change what shows up on your news feed.